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温州挡圈供应商 挡圈标准

2015-07-09 17:54:55

大央紧固件 温州大央紧固件有限公司
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温州挡圈供应商 挡圈标准

温州挡圈供应商 挡圈有关的现行国家标准
1 GB/T20057-2006 滚动轴承单列圆柱滚子轴承平挡圈和套圈无挡边端倒角尺寸 Rolling bearings ― Single-row cylindrical rollerbearings ― Chamferdimensions for loose rib and non-rib sides 2006-08-01实施
2 GB/T883-1986 锥销锁紧挡圈 Lock rings with cone pin 1987-06-01实施,代替GB 883-1976
3 GB/T884-1986 螺钉锁紧挡圈 Lock ring with screw 1987-06-01实施,代替GB 884-1976
4 GB/T885-1986 带锁圈的螺钉锁紧挡圈 Lock rings with screw and circlip 1987-06-01实施,代替GB 885-1976
5 GB/T886-1986 轴肩挡圈 Ringsfor shoulder 1987-06-01实施,代替GB 886-1976
6 GB/T891-1986 螺钉紧固轴端挡圈 Lock rings at the end of shaft with screw 1987-06-01实施,代替GB 891-1976
7 GB/T892-1986 螺栓紧固轴端挡圈 Lock rings at the end of shaft with bolt 1987-06-01实施,代替GB 892-1976
8 GB/T893.1-1986 孔用弹性挡圈 A型 Circlipsfor hole--Type A 1987-06-01实施,代替GB 893-1976
9 GB/T893.2-1986 孔用弹性挡圈 B型 Circlipsfor hole--Type B 1987-06-01实施
10 GB/T894.1-1986 轴用弹性挡圈 A型 Circlipsfor shaft--Type A 1987-06-01实施,代替GB 894-1976
11 GB/T894.2-1986 轴用弹性挡圈 B型 Circlipsfor shaft--Type B 1987-06-01实施
12 GB/T895.1-1986 孔用钢丝挡圈 Roundwire snap rings for hole 1987-06-01实施,代替GB 895-1976
13 GB/T895.2-1986 轴用钢丝挡圈 Roundwire snap rings for shaft 1987-06-01实施,代替GB 895-1976
14 GB/T896-1986 开口挡圈 “E” rings 1987-06-01实施,代替GB 896-1976
15 GB/T20060-2011 滚动轴承圆柱滚子轴承可分离斜挡圈外形尺寸 Rolling bearings -Cylindrical roller bearings,separate thrust collars - Boundary dimensions
16 GB/T959.1-1986 挡圈技术条件弹性挡圈 Specifications forring--Circlips 1987-06-01实施,代替GB 959-1976
17 GB/T959.2-1986 挡圈技术条件钢丝挡圈 Specifications forring--Round wire snap rings 1987-06-01实施
18 GB/T959.3-1986 挡圈技术条件切制挡圈 Specifications forring--Cutting rings 1987-06-01实施
19 GB/T960-1986 夹紧挡圈 Griprings 1987-06-01实施,代替GB 960-1976
20 GB/T20057-2012 滚动轴承圆柱滚子轴承平挡圈和套圈无挡边端倒角尺寸 Rolling bearings -Single-row cylindrical roller bearings - Chamfer dimensions for loose rib andnon-rib sides 2012年第24号公告
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