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序号 德国标准 中文品名 英文品名 国际标准 中国标准 
Item DIN-Standard Description in Chinese Description in English ISO-Standard GB-Standard 
1 DIN1 圆锥销 taper pins ISO2339 GB117 
2 DIN7 圆柱销 parallel pins ISO2338 GB119-86 
3 DIN84 开槽圆柱头螺钉 slotted cheese head screws ISO1207 GB65-85 
4 DIN85 开槽盘头螺钉 slotted pan head screws ISO1580 GB67-85 
5 DIN93 单耳止动垫圈 tab washers   GB854 
6 DIN94 开口销 split cotter pins ISO1234 GB91 
7 DIN95 开槽半沉头木螺钉 slotted raised csk head wood screws   GB101 
8 DIN96 开槽半圆头木螺钉 slotted round head wood screws   GB99 
9 DIN97 开槽沉头木螺钉 slotted countersunk head wood screws   GB100 
10 DIN125-A 平垫 plain washers ISO7089 GB97.1-85 
11 DIN125-B 平垫(带倒角) mediun washers ISO7090 GB97.2-85 
12 DIN126 平垫 plain washers ISO7091   
13 DIN127-A 重型弹垫 spring lock washers,tang ends   GB7244 
14 DIN127-B 标准弹垫 spring lock washers,square ends   GB93-87 
15 DIN128-A 鞍形弹垫 single coil spring lock washers   GB7245-87 
16 DIN137-A 弹簧止动垫圈 curved spring washers     
17 DIN137-B 波形弹垫 wave spring washers   GB955 
18 DIN186 T型方颈螺栓 T-head bolts with square neck   GB37-88 
19 DIN188 T型双接头螺栓 T-head bolts with double nip     
20 DIN258 螺纹圆锥销 taper pins with threaded end ISO8737   
21 DIN261 T型头螺栓 T-head bolts     
22 DIN315AF 蝶型螺母(美制) wing nuts amercia form     
23 DIN315DF 蝶型螺母(德制) wing nuts germany form   GB62-88 
24 DIN316AF 蝶型螺钉(美制) wing screws amercia form     
25 DIN317DF 蝶型螺钉(德制) wing screws germany form     
26 DIN319 圆球型盖型螺母 ball knobs     
27 DIN404 开槽带孔球面圆柱头螺钉 slotted capstan screws   GB832-88 
28 DIN417 开槽长圆柱端紧定螺钉 slotted set srews with full dog point ISO7435 GB75-85 
29 DIN427 开槽平端紧定螺钉(半牙) slotted set srews with chamfered end ISO2342 GB73-85 
30 DIN431 小六角特薄细牙螺母 pipe nuts with thread   GB808-88 
31 DIN432 外舌止动垫圈 external tap   GB856-88 
32 DIN433 小垫圈(用于圆柱头螺钉) washers for cheese head screws ISO7092 GB848-95 
33 DIN434 方斜垫圈(U型) square taper washers for U-section   GB852-88 
34 DIN435 方斜垫圈(I型) square taper washers for I-sections   GB852-88 
35 DIN436 方垫圈 square washers     
36 DIN438 开槽凹端紧定螺钉 slotted set with cup point ISO7436 GB74-85 
37 DIN439 六角薄螺母 hexagon thin nuts ISO4035 GB6172-86 
38 DIN439 细牙六角薄螺母 hexagon thin nuts ISO8675 GB6173-86 
39 DIN440 木螺钉专用垫圈 rounds washers for wood constructions ISO7094   
40 DIN443 密封帽 sealing caps,push-in type     
41 DIN444 活节螺栓B 型 eye bolts form B   GB798-88 
42 DIN462 内舌止动垫圈 internal tab washers     
43 DIN463 双耳止动垫圈 washers with two taps   GB855-88 
44 DIN464 滚花高头螺钉 knurled thumb screws with collar   GB834-88 
45 DIN465 开槽滚花高头螺钉 slotted knurled thumb screws with collar     
46 DIN466 滚花高螺母 knurled thumb nuts with collar   GB806-88 
47 DIN467 滚花薄螺母 knurled thumb thin nuts   GB807-88 
48 DIN470 锁紧垫圈 sealing washers     
49 DIN471 轴用弹性挡圈 retaining rings for shafts(external),circlips   GB894.1-86 
50 DIN472 孔用弹性挡圈 retaining rings for bores(internal),circlips   GB893.1-86
51 DIN478 方头带垫螺栓 square head bolts with collar 
52 DIN479 方头圆柱底端螺栓 square head bolts with half dog point 
53 DIN480 方头带垫半圆底端螺栓 square head bolts with collar,half dog point and rounded end 
54 DIN508 T型槽螺母 T-slot nuts ISO299 
55 DIN525 单头螺柱 single end studs 
56 DIN529 地脚螺栓 masonry bolts GB799-88
57 DIN546 带槽圆螺母 slotted round nuts GB817-76
58 DIN547 端面带孔圆螺母 round nuts with drilled holes in one face GB815-88
59 DIN551 开槽平端紧定螺钉 slotted sit screws with flat point ISO4776 GB73-85
60 DIN553 开槽锥端紧定螺钉 slotted set screws with cone point ISO7434 GB71-85
61 DIN555 六角螺母 hexagon nuts ISO4034 
62 DIN557 方螺母-C square nuts GB39-88
63 DIN558 六角头螺钉 hexagon screws ISO4018 
64 DIN561 六角头圆柱端紧定螺钉 hexagon set screws with full dog point 
65 DIN562 薄型方螺母-B square nuts without bevel(pressed nuts) 
66 DIN571 六角头木螺钉 hexagon head wood screws (coach screws) GB102-86
67 DIN580 吊环螺钉 lifting eye bolts ISO3266 GB825-76
68 DIN582 吊环螺母 lifting eye nuts 
69 DIN601 六角头螺栓 hexagon bolts ISO4016 
70 DIN603 大半圆头方颈螺栓(马车螺栓) mushroom head square neck bolts (carriage bolts) ISO8677 GB14-88
71 DIN604 沉头带插销马车螺栓 flat countersunk nib bolts 
72 DIN605 沉头长方颈马车螺栓 flat countersunk long square neck bolts 
73 DIN607 半圆头带插销马车螺栓 cup head nib bolts 
74 DIN608 沉头短方颈马车螺栓 flat countersunk short square neck bolts 
75 DIN609 六角头精配螺栓(长螺纹) hexagon fitted bolts,long thread 
76 DIN610 六角头精配螺栓(短螺纹) hexagon fitted bolts,short thread 
77 DIN653 滚花平头螺钉 knurled thumb screws thin type GB835-88
78 DIN660 半圆头铆钉 round head rivets ISO1051 GB867-86
79 DIN661 沉头铆钉 contersunk head rivets ISO1051 GB869-86
80 DIN662 半沉头铆钉 raised contersunk head rivets ISO1051 
81 DIN674 大扁头铆钉 mushroom head rivets ISO1051 
82 DIN703 重型侧面带孔圆螺母 adjusting rings,heavy range (shafting collars) 
83 DIN705 侧面带孔圆螺母 adjusting rings,light range (shafting collars) GB816-88
84 DIN741 卡头 wire rope clips 
85 DIN787 T型槽螺钉 T-slot screws ISO299 
86 DIN835 双头螺柱(牙长=2D) studs-metal (end=2d) GB900-88
87 DIN906 内六角锥型闭锁螺钉 hexagon socket pipe plugs,conical thread 
88 DIN908 内六角直型闭锁螺钉 hexagon socket screw plugs,cyl. thread 
89 DIN909 外六角锥型闭锁螺钉 hexagon head pipe plugs,conical thread 
90 DIN910 外六角直型闭锁螺钉 hexagon head screw plugs,cyl.thread 
91 DIN911 内六角扳手 socket wrenches ISO2936 
92 DIN912 内六角圆柱头螺钉 hexagon socket cap screws ISO4762 GB70-85
93 DIN913 内六角平端紧定螺钉 hexagon socket set screws with flat point ISO4026 GB77-85
94 DIN914 内六角尖端紧定螺钉 hexagon socket set screws with cone point ISO4027 GB78-85
95 DIN915 内六角圆柱端紧定螺钉 hexagon socket set screws with dog point ISO4028 GB79-85
96 DIN916 内六角凹端紧定螺钉 hexagon socket set screws with cup point ISO4029 GB80-85
97 DIN917 薄型盲螺母 hexagon cap nuts 
98 DIN920 开槽小圆柱头螺钉 slotted short cheese head screws 
99 DIN921 开槽大圆柱头螺钉 slotted large cheese head screws GB838-88
100 DIN923 开槽圆柱头轴肩螺钉 slotted pan head screws with shoulder GB830-88
101 DIN927 开槽无头轴肩螺钉 slotted shoulder screws 
102 DIN928 焊接方螺母 square weld nuts GB/T13680-92
103 DIN929 焊接六角螺母 hexagon weld nuts GB/T13681-92
104 DIN931 六角头螺栓(半牙) hexagon head screws ISO4014 GB5782-86
105 DIN933 六角头螺栓(全牙) hexagon head screws ISO4017 GB5783-86
106 DIN934 六角头螺母(1型) hexagon full nuts ISO4032 GB6170-86
107 DIN934 细牙六角头螺母(1型) hexagon full nuts ISO8673 GB6171-86
108 DIN935 开槽六角螺母 hexagon slotted and castle nuts ISO7035 GB6178-86
109 DIN936 六角头薄螺母 hexagon thin nuts ISO4035 GB6172.1-86
110 DIN937 六角头开槽薄螺母 hexagon thin slotted and castle nuts ISO7038 GB6181-86
111 DIN938 双头螺距(牙长=1D) studs metal (end=1d) GB897-88
112 DIN939 双头螺距(牙长=1.25D) studs metal (end=1.25d) GB898-88
113 DIN940 双头螺距(牙长=1.5D) studs metal (end=1.5d) 
114 DIN960 六角头细牙螺栓(半牙) hexagon head bolts,metric fine pitch thread ISO8765 GB5785-86
115 DIN961 六角头细牙螺栓(全牙) hexagon head bolts,metric fine pitch thread ISO8676 GB5786-86
116 DIN962 头部穿孔六角头螺栓 additional shapes and versions for bolts 
117 DIN963 开槽沉头螺钉 slotted countersund head screws ISO 2009 GB68-85
118 DIN964 开槽半沉头螺钉 slotted raised countersunk oval head screws ISO 2010 GB69-85
119 DIN965 十字槽沉头螺钉 cross recessed countersunk head screws ISO7046 GB819-85
120 DIN966 十字槽半沉头螺钉 cross recessed raised countersunk head screws ISO7047 GB820-85
121 DIN970 六角头螺母 hexagon nuts type-1 
122 DIN971 六角头螺母 hexagon nuts type-2 
123 DIN972 细牙六角头螺母(2型) hexagon nuts with fine thread ISO8674 GB6176-86
124 DIN975 牙条(全螺纹) threaded rods(studdings) GB15389-94
125 DIN976 螺纹销 threaded pins(stud bolts) 
126 DIN979 六角头开槽薄螺母(2型) hexagon thin slotted and castle nuts 
127 DIN980 全金属六角锁紧螺母(1型) prevailling torque type hexagon nuts,all metall nuts ISO7199 GB6184-86
128 DIN981 圆螺母 locknuts ISO2982 GB812-88
129 DIN982 六角头尼龙锁紧螺母 prevailling torque type hexagon nuts,heavy type ,with nylon insert ISO7040 GB889.1-86
130 DIN985 六角头薄型尼龙锁紧螺母 prevailling torque type hexagon nuts,heavy type ,with nylon insert ISO10511 GB6172.2-86
131 DIN986 六角盖型尼龙锁紧螺母 prevailling torque typedomed capnuts with nylon insert 
132 DIN988 配合垫片 shim rings 
133 DIN1052 木材连接用垫片 washers for timber connectors 
134 DIN1151 沉头钢钉 round plain head nails 
135 DIN1440 销钉专用垫片A型 plain washers for clevis pins(A型) ISO8738 
136 DIN1441 销钉专用垫片 plain washers for clevis pins 
137 DIN1444 带头销钉 clevis pins with head ISO2341 
138 DIN1471 圆锥型槽销 grooved pins,taper grooved ISO8744 GB/T13829.2 
139 DIN1472 圆锥型槽销(半槽) grooved pins,taper grooved half length ISO8745 GB/T13829.2 
140 DIN1473 平行槽销(带倒角) grooved pins,parallel grooved full length ISO8740 
141 DIN1474 前端凹槽槽销 grooved pins,reserve grooved half length ISO8741 
142 DIN1475 中部凹槽槽销 grooved pins,centre grooved ISO8742 
143 DIN1476 圆头槽销 grooved pins with round head ISO8746 GB/T13829.3 
144 DIN1477 沉头槽销 grooved pins with countersunk head ISO8747 
145 DIN1479 六角螺母棒 turnuckles(centre parts),made out of hexagon bar 
146 DIN1480 花篮螺栓 turnuckles with eye bolt and hook bolt 
147 DIN1481 弹性圆柱销 spring pins,heavy type ISO8752 GB879-86
148 DIN1587 组合式盖型螺母 hexagon domed cap nuts GB802-88
149 DIN1804 开槽圆螺母(配合沟头扳手) slotted round nuts for hook spanner 
150 DIN1816 圆螺母(带插销孔) round nuts with set holes
151 DIN2093 盘型弹簧垫圈 disc springs 
152 DIN3017 喉箍 hose clamps 
153 DIN3404 润滑油嘴(旋扭头) lubricating nipples,button head 
154 DIN3567 管夹 shackles for conduilts 
155 DIN3570 U型螺栓 stirrup bolts(U-bolts) 
156 DIN6319 球面垫圈 spherical washers,conical seats GB849-88
157 DIN6325 圆柱销 parallel pins ISO8734 
158 DIN6330 厚六角螺母 hexagon nuts ,1.5d GB56-88
159 DIN6331 厚六角法兰面螺母 hexagon nuts ,1.5d with collar GB6177-86
160 DIN6334 长六角螺母 hexagon nuts ,3d 
161 DIN6797-A 外齿锁紧垫圈 external teeth lock washers GB862.1-87
162 DIN6797-I 内齿锁紧垫圈 internal teeth lock washers GB861.1-87
163 DIN6798-A 外锯齿锁紧垫圈 external teeth serrated lock washers GB862.2-87
164 DIN6798-I 内锯齿锁紧垫圈 internal teeth serrated lock washers GB861.2-87
165 DIN6799 开口挡圈 retaining rings for shafts(E-rings),circlips GB896-76
166 DIN6885 平键(A型) parallel keys(form A ) ISO773/2491 
167 DIN6888 半圆键 woodruff keys ISO3912 
168 DIN6899 嵌环(支撑环) thimbles 
169 DIN6900 机器螺钉和垫圈组合件 screws and washers assemblies GB9074.1-.17
170 DIN6901 自攻螺钉和垫圈组合件 tapping screws and washers assemblies GB9074.18-.23
171 DIN6912 薄型带孔内六角圆柱头螺钉 hexagon socket head cap screws with hole,low head 
172 DIN6914 大六角头螺栓 hexagon head bolts with large head(friction grip bolts) 
173 DIN6915 大六角螺母 hexagon nuts with large wideth across flat(friction grip nuts) 
174 DIN6916 大垫圈 round washers for friction grip bolts 
175 DIN6917 楔型方垫圈 spuare taper washers for friction grip bolts on T-sections 
176 DIN6923 六角法兰面螺母 hexagon flange nuts ISO4161 GB6177-86
177 DIN6925 全金属六角锁紧螺母(2型) prevailing torque type hexagon nuts,all metallic nuts ISO7042 GB6185.1-2000
178 DIN7337 开口型抽芯铆钉(沉头、扁圆头) blind rivets GB12617/12618
179 DIN7338 扁平头半空心/全空心铆钉 rivets for brake and clutch lining GB875/975-86
180 DIN7343 螺旋夹紧销 spiral pins ISO8750 
181 DIN7346 轻型弹性圆柱销 spring pins,light type ISO13337 
182 DIN7349 重型弹性圆柱销用垫圈 washers for bolts with heavy type spring pinss 
183 DIN7500 ISO公制螺纹螺钉(多种头型) threadforming screws for ISO-metric thread 
184 DIN7504 自攻自钻螺钉(多种头型) self-drilling tapping screws 
185 DIN7513 开槽切削螺纹螺钉(多种头型) thread cutting screws 
186 DIN7516 十字槽切削螺纹螺钉(多种头型) thread cutting screws cross recess 
187 DIN7965 T型四爪螺母 tee nuts with pronge 
188 DIN7968 钢结构用六角头螺栓连接副 hexagon head fitted bolts for steel structures GB1228/1229/1230
189 DIN7971 开槽盘头自攻螺钉 pan head tapping screws with slot ISO1481 GB5282-85
190 DIN7972 开槽沉头自攻螺钉 countersunk flat head tapping screws with slot ISO1482 GB5283-85
191 DIN7973 开槽半沉头自攻螺钉 raised countersunk oval head tapping screws with slot ISO1483 GB5284-85
192 DIN7976 六角头自攻螺钉 hexagon tapping screws ISO1479 GB5285-85
193 DIN7980 圆柱头螺钉用弹簧垫圈 spring lock washers for screws with cylindrical heads ISO8738 
194 DIN7981 十字槽盘头自攻螺钉 pan head tapping screws with cross recessed ISO 7049 GB845-85
195 DIN7982 十字槽沉头自攻螺钉 countersunk flat head tapping screws with cross recessed ISO7050 GB846-85
196 DIN7983 十字槽半沉头自攻螺钉 raised countersunk oval head tapping screws with cross recessed ISO7051 GB847-86
197 DIN7984 薄型内六角圆柱头螺钉 hexagon socket head cap screws with,reduced head 
198 DIN7985 十字槽盘头螺钉 pan head screws with cross recessed ISO7045 GB818-85
199 DIN7989 钢结构用垫圈 washers for steel structures GB1230-84
200 DIN7990 钢结构用六角头螺栓 hexagon head bolts for steel structures GB1229-84
201 DIN7991 内六角沉头螺钉 hexagon socket countersunk head screws ISO10642 
202 DIN7993 轴用钢丝挡圈 roundwire snap rings for shafts GB895.2-86
203 DIN7995 十字槽半沉头木螺钉 cross recessed raised countersunk head wood screws GB952-86
204 DIN7996 十字槽圆头木螺钉 cross recessed round head wood screws GB950-86
205 DIN7997 十字槽沉头木螺钉 cross recessed countersunk head wood screws GB951-86
206 DIN8140 螺纹护套(普通\自锁等) ciol inserts,coarse,fine thread,silf locking 
207 DIN9021 大外径垫圈 washers,outside diameter appro.3d ISO7093 GB96-85
208 DIN11024 弹簧卡子 spring cotter for a bolt 
209 DIN13257 平板螺栓 belting bolts (elevator bolts) 
210 DIN18182 干壁钉(墙板钉) dry wall screws 
211 DIN28129 环型螺母 lifting nuts(eye nuts) GB63-88
212 DIN70952 圆螺母用止退垫圈 tab washers for slotted round nuts GB858-88
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