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2021-08-24 11:32:06

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Material Of Lock Washer

Material:Spring steel,SUS 304,Stainless steel ,Brass,Stainless steel,Iron,Aluminum,Carbon steel


Surface Treatment:Plain,blackeded by oil,electric galvanized

Finish:Ni plating,Zinc

Color:Plain,Blue plated,white plated,yellow plated


Shape and Dimensions Of Lock Washer:

(1)The shape of tooth, twist angle and width of rim are optional; thest shall
be uniform and the root of tooth shall be rounded as appropriate.
(2)The teeth of the washer shall be projected uniformly from both sides.
(3)The washers shall be free from remarkable deflection and eccentricity.


Compression Test :

Measure the free height of a wash before test, then insert the washer, in the case of steel, between two steel plates, and the washer, in the case of phosphor bronze, between two brass plates,and compress it with a metric coarse screw thread bolt or a machine screw corresponding to the nominal size of the washer and a nut by turning to 1/3 rotation, and, after removal of the compression, measure the free height of the washer Calculate the ratio of this free height to that before test. The ratio shall not be lower than 5/6.

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